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As of WEDNESDAY, NovemBER 22ND...

Please know that the Distribution Center & PYO fields close at 6:30pm on weedays.

Wednesday & Thursday members, please know that this is your last pick-up day of the season. Friday through Sunday pick-up members, your last day was last week & Monday & Tuesday members, your last pick-up day was earlier this week.

Thanks for your support of the farm this year & we hope to see you in 2018! As soon as our 2018 applications are available, we will send an email. 

In the Distribution Center, we may have fingerling potatoes, lettuce mix, baby kale, beets, sweet potatoes & carrots.  Radicchio & parsley may be in one choice group. There are no dried beans in the Distribution Center today.

Please read our latest weekly newsletter! The 2018 membership application will be posted on this website as soon as it's complete.


If you pick up on… your last day is…. 

Friday           November 17

Saturday       November 18

Sunday         November 19

Monday         November 20

Tuesday        November 21

Wednesday   November 22

Thursday      November 22*                                

(*Due to Thanksgiving, the last day for Thursday members is Nov 22.)


PYO Herbs:

Herbs are one large bunch/herb for Family/Deluxe & Premium shares, one small bunch/herb for Basic and Individual shares and one spring/herb for Personal shares. Herbs include lemon balm, lemon grass, red sorrel, summer savory, parsley, oregano, sage, thyme, assorted mint & lavender.

Information about our Boxed Share program can be found HERE.

Looking for a local Christmas tree?  Visit our friends at Carlson Christmas Tree Farm!

Thoughts on Christmas  

Through the year we hurry, hurry,

Work and school mean lots of worry.  

But every year ends in December

When we look back and remember

All our joys and every blessing,

And we take a break from stressing.  

It’s the time when we unwind,

Open presents, sip some wine.

Time to gather round the tree

Sharing love with family.  

We know a tree means so much more

When it’s farm fresh, not from a store,

When you’ve picked out that special tree,

And you’ve said, “That’s the one for me!”  

And when you think the job is done,

You’ve picked out just the perfect one,

You’ll find a treat awaiting you,

Cocoa, cider, and coffee, homemade cookies too!  

Then as you watch the tree lights shine

And feel the peace of heart and mind,

We hope you’ll know the Carlsons too

Send our best wishes out to you.  

Open weekends

9 to 4 November 25 to December 17    

Phil and Carol Carlson

Carlson Christmas Tree Farm

58 New Road

Lambertville NJ 08530


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