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As of MONday,  MARCH 25th...

Our 2019 Pennington membership application is online now! We are sorry for the inconvenience, but we will not be offering Monday as a pick-up day in 2019. When members sign up early, it helps us better plan for the upcoming season and be more efficient in our management.  Our hope is that members who are able to sign up for their 2019 membership ASAP please do so.

The Boxed Share applications are downloadable from this page. Please read our latest newsletter HERE.

Check out Honey Brook Organic Farm’s European-Style Farmers’ Market, being held at the Distribution Center of our Pennington farm every other Saturday, from April 6 to May 25, from 11am-3pm.   Shoppers have absolutely raved about the quality of the products offered, and have said that the market is a fun new place to shop in the Hopewell Valley.  Keep in touch regarding the market happenings by joining our mailing list (see sign ups in the right-hand column of this webpage).

All of the participating farms and food establishments are family-owned and operated, so buy directly from the producers who are intimately familiar with the food destined to nurture you and your loved ones!  The following is a list of participants: 

Backyard Harvest is the creation of Laura Mayer, a Registered Nurse, herbalist, gardener and advocate for keeping the natural world alive. After working as a nurse for a year and a half, Laura yearned to be supporting people more holistically. She has attended and completed studies at Self-Heal School of Herbal Studies, where her own healing journey and deeper connection to the plant world began, and also completed The Hawthorn Institute's two-year clinical program in Traditional Western Herbalism and Bioregional Ayurveda. From there, with a group of folks from the school, she helped to start The Hawthorn Collective: a nonprofit free herb clinic, serving communities in Southern Oregon. She's inspired to empower others, and after her first herb school, her love for food as medicine took her to participate in several farming and herbal internships. Over the years she has also volunteered with many herbal wellness and first aid clinics. Laura believes that is it our birthright as humans to remember our connection to our heart and to the Earth and to have access to local whole food, a supportive community and holistic health care!  She offers herbal products and tea, lotions, winter immune syrups, bitters, essence formulas, heart elixir as well as cups of yummy homemade tea. She grows most of the herbs she uses and gets the rest from friend's farms or local folks.

Dogwood Farms of Hillsborough, NJ will be offering their certified organic chicken eggs and whole chickens, as well as beef, lamb, salsas, their full line of pestos, tomato sauces, hot sauces, Bloody Mary mix, raviolis and fresh pastas. They will also have greens, such as Swiss chard and spinach for sale. In addition, they will be taking orders for their Winter Meat CSA program, with monthly pick-ups at our Pennington farm from February through April. Remaining Pick-Up Day is April 6th!

Sandi of Garden State Salad in Flemington, NJ (and Farmer Sherry Dudas’s sister) will be selling freshly prepared hot and cold soups, kombucha and hot organic coffee.  Enjoy her hand-made soups at the market or take home to heat and eat!  Today she will also have organic sprouted oat groat sourdough bread made with Morganics' oat groats!

Honey Brook Organic Farm is selling CSA shares for 2019 at the market, and members may pay by using credit card, check or cash.  When our spring produce is available, we will be selling that as well.

Farmer Scott Morgan & family from Morganics Family Farm grow fresh oats in Hillsborough, NJ! Here's what Farmer Scott says about his oats (a new favorite breakfast cereal of Farmer Jim's of Honey Brook Organic Farm):

-organically grown

-raw, never steamed, flaked or parboiled-minimally processed, nutrients alive!

-local and sustainable

-sweet, creamy and delicious from soil to spoon...

We seed our oats in the newly thawed moisture of the winter soils. Oats are vigorous and thrive in our New Jersey soils. By spring the oats flower and soon the seed is set. Come the end of July, the grains will be sun dried to perfection. Groats are the intact seed, our oatmeal is simply the groat flattened by the steel roller mill, never processed beyond that. They sell oatmeal, oat groats, wheat berries and ground-to-order whole wheat and oat flour!

Joanna of Purely Farm's Naturally Pasture-Raised Meats features their own pasture-raised meat offerings including sausage such as their signature Killer Kielbasi & Purple Rain, which is a unique blend of grated organic beets, imported French feta and of course, Purely Pork. Savor the flavor of this very special sausage and showcase it's exceptional presentation!  FRESH cuts of pork are sometimes available. These include pork tenderloins, chops & shoulder roasts. 

Sugar Maple Jerseys Heidi Kovacs, a 38-year-old single mom of two little girls, is the sole owner of this local dairy and a first generation dairy farmer. She started this farm 5 1/2 years ago with a small loan and big dreams. Sugar Maple Jerseys is a small registered jersey herd located in Stockton, New Jersey. Heidi milks 35 to 40 jerseys twice a day, every day and has small batches of cheese made by hand from her jersey milk. She provides customers with high quality dairy products at an affordable price while having excellent animal care, by managing a pasture-based, primarily grass-fed herd. Her milk is always antibiotic and hormone free and the products she will be selling include raw milk cheddar, flavored cheddars, aged Gouda, hand-made butter, mozzarella, feta and cheddar cheese curds. 

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