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tuesday,  JULY 16TH...


In the Distribution Center, we may have peppers, garlic and tomatoes.  Kale, basil, cabbage and salad onions may be in a choice group.

PYO QUANTITIES for all members with pyo privileges in pennington ARE:

The blueberry quantities are:    

Family/Deluxe/Premium:   1 pint

Basic/Individual/Personal: 1/2 pint 

PYO herbs include PARSLEY, sage, tarragon, oregano, catnip, lavender & chives.  Please read the Pennington Handbook, by downloading, printing & assembling.

Our 2019 Pennington membership application is online now and we now have pro-rated memberships available! The Boxed Share applications are downloadable from this page. Please read our latest newsletter HERE.

This Week's Pennington Markets NEW SUMMER SCHEDULE (Purely Farm will not be at their Friday, July 19th market)

Tuesdays, noon-3pm

Sugar Maple Jerseys Heidi Kovacs, a 38-year-old single mom of two little girls, is the sole owner of this local dairy and a first generation dairy farmer. She started this farm 5 1/2 years ago with a small loan and big dreams. Sugar Maple Jerseys is a small registered jersey herd located in Stockton, New Jersey. Heidi milks 35 to 40 jerseys twice a day, every day and has small batches of cheese made by hand from her jersey milk. She provides customers with high quality dairy products at an affordable price while having excellent animal care, by managing a pasture-based, primarily grass-fed herd. Her milk is always antibiotic and hormone free and the products she will be selling include raw milk cheddar, flavored cheddars, aged Gouda, hand-made butter, mozzarella, feta and cheddar cheese curds.

Thursdays, noon-3pm

Nneka & Dionne of 2Sis Cuisine will bring their delicious cookies, vegetarian beans, melon seed sauce, and their famous vegan coconut yellow rice also known as Jelloff rice/ beans with plantains  and equisi soup to the farm!

Thursdays from 2-7pm

Dogwood Farms of Hillsborough, NJ will be offering their certified organic chicken eggs and whole chickens, as well as chicken cuts including: boneless breasts, 2pk boneless breasts, 4pk drumsticks, 4pk thighs, 2pk chicken quarters, and 12pk wings! They also have arugula pesto, chicken meatballs (reheat & eat), chicken pate, beef, lamb, salsas, their full line of pestos, tomato sauces, hot sauces, Bloody Mary mix, raviolis and pastas. They also will be selling Morganics oats!

Honey Brook Organic Farm is selling pro-rated CSA shares for 2019 at the market, and members may pay by using credit card, check or cash.  

Fridays from 9-1pm

Purely Farm's Naturally Pastured-Raised Meats' Killer Kielbasi comes highly recommended. If you have not tried it yet you have no idea what you are missing. Lightly smoked (nitrate-free) and guaranteed to leave a warm garlic glow.  Excellent flavor and versatility, it will not disappoint. Complements every possible vegetable known to man SPLENDIDLY! Purely Farm's Naturally Pastured-Raised Meats also has: Pork: chops, loin end roasts, shoulder roasts, ground pork, cutlets, chipped pork, spare ribs, sweet Italian and country sausage, nitrate free smoked bacon & ham steaks. Artisanal sausage:  Hot Italian & sweet holiday Turkey:  drumsticks, wings & osso buco. 


Nneka and Dionne of 2Sis Cuisine will be bringing their delicious cookies, vegetarian beans, melon seed sauce, and their famous vegan coconut yellow rice also known as Jelloff rice to the farm!

Saturdays from 8:30-1pm

Long-time CSA member Tish Streeten of Queen Mab's Herbs has been studying and practicing herbal medicine for herself, her family, her animals and her friends for more than 40 years. She offers herbal tonics, teas, mouth rinses, skin sprays, pet products, cordials, vinegars and bitters!

Dogwood Farms is back to satisfy your weekend culinary needs! 

Saturdays from 11am-2pm

Sandi from Garden State Salad in Flemington will have her sourdough bread, cookies and more!

Saturday & Sunday, noon-3pm

Nneka and Dionne of 2Sis Cuisine will be bringing their delicious cookies, vegetarian beans, melon seed sauce, and their famous vegan coconut yellow rice also known as Jelloff rice to the farm!

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