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As of Sunday, May 24th...


If Tuesday is your pick-up day, May 26th is your first day to come to the farm to pick up. This is Grab 'N Go Tuesday members' first pick up day as well.

If Thursday is your pick-up day, May 21st was your first day to come to pick up.

If your pick-up day is Saturday, your first day pick up was May 23rd. 

Grab 'N Go Thursday members' first day to pick-up is Thursday, May 28th.

Pick Your Own Strawberries

On Sunday, May 24th, Pennington Saturday and Sunday CSA members only may pick strawberries at the Chesterfield farm.  Strawberry quantities are as follows:

Family/Deluxe: 4 quarts

Premium: 3 quarts

Individual/Basic: 2 quarts

Personal: 1 quart

We will be open for PYO strawberries and herbs on Monday, Memorial Day, 5/25th, from 9am-3pm for members with PYO privileges in Chesterfield only. 

We are sold out of Family, Individual, and all Choice Box options for the 2020 season, but are offering "Grab and Go" for pick-up at our Chesterfield farm on Saturdays only, which are customized, prepacked boxes, and include pick-your-own privileges.  All shares are now sold out for Tuesday and Thursday pick up.

Please know we are now using two online sales platforms through which we are selling produce: Harvie (for online sales of CSA shares) and Barn2Door, for online sales of Home Delivered produce and other grocery items. Click HERE for our Home Delivery Schedule.  This is not part of our CSA program, these deliveries are for home-delivered boxes of produce and more from our farm as well as from other farmer/vendors.

Please read our latest newsletter, but clicking HERE!


The farm currently is following recommendations provided by Rutgers Cooperative Extension's Agricultural Experiment Station.  Their recommendations are found here. There is no plan to close the farm and pick-your-own will be offered to members as well, just as it has been for our previous 29 years of offering a CSA program.


We still have CSA shares for "grab and go" pick-ups of customized, pre-packed boxes for pickup at our Pennington and Chesterfield farms as well as all of our Boxed Share drop-off sites.  We also have CSA boxes for home delivery. We do, however, expect to be sold out soon.  Click here for membership details. We are selling shares through our partnership with Harvie, an online software program, so when you click this link, it will take you to another website, and will look different from our website.

We are no longer accepting hard copy, mailed applications.  Online purchases of Saturday Grab 'N Go shares only, please.

If you have any questions, please email and thanks for your support of our farm!

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