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Welcome to Honey Brook Organic Farm!

Winter Outdoor Pop-Up Markets at Honey Brook Organic Farm in Chesterfield!

258 Ellisdale Road, Chesterfield, NJ 08515

Saturday, March 27, 2021 at 11 AM EST – 2 PM EST

Join us for our fourth Winter Market of the Season! MOST VENDORS ACCEPT CASH, CHECK, CREDIT CARD AND VENMO FOR PAYMENT!! The band LAREDO will be playing LIVE from 11am-2pm around the campfire (if cold enough for one)!  

Vendors/farmers include:

Barefoot Botanicals from Doylestown, PA, growers of high quality, certified organic medicinal and culinary herbs! Learn more about their products below:


Connect through Flavor'Seed to Bottle' botanical simple syrups are a fantastic and easy way for the whole family to connect with true botanical flavor. Each botanical has its unique profile to be used anywhere you want to impart flavor, depth, and complexity.Uses include: low sugar herbal sodas, cocktail mixers, spirit free adult drinks (mocktails), drizzle for desserts, sweetener for teas, mixed with vinaigrettes, glaze for protein (chicken, fish, duck)


Connect through medicinal effects All of our extracts are processed right here on our herb farm to capture the life essence, vitality and potency that each botanical has to offer at its peak growth profile point. Traditional herbal and general benefits for whole-body health associated with digestion, sleep, anxiety, skin conditions & inflammationBotanical extracts should be used with knowledgeable herbal consultation. We cannot diagnose or prescribe.


Connect through AromaMoments after harvest, our herbs are brought back to our custom built herb dryer and gently dried at low temperatures to retain the maximum freshness and flavor that each plant has to offer. Hydrosols are steam distilled aromatic extractions and offer unique pleasure, sensation, and benefits for hair, skin, and room. Many crafty chefs and bartenders use hydrosols to heighten and enhance our sensations during meal and beverage experiences.


Connect through EffectIndustrial Hemp is federally legal and all of our hemp products are lab tested and compliant within strict federal limits. Hemp Tincture & Hemp Infused Oil are portable, convenient and an effective nudge to help you get through your day. Hemp Teas & Flower are the most natural way to unwind from the impacts of our busy and ever connected lives.

Honey Brook Organic Farm will have our produce (carrots, turnips and dried beans),  and Igor's Bees wildflower honey and honeycomb. 

Dogwood Farms will be selling whole chickens, pork breakfast sausage, salsas, Bloody Mary mix, BBQ and hot sauces, pestos, eggs, cheese, beets, NJ apples, frozen chicken, pumpkin and vegan ginger-carrot soup, whole chickens, pork, beef, lamb, salsas, Bloody Mary mix, BBQ and hot sauces, pestos, eggs, cave-aged, artisanal cheeses, fresh mozzarella, sweet potato and spinach frozen ravioli, NJ apples, Virginia organic sweet potatoes, and chicken, pumpkin and vegan ginger-carrot soup!

Garden State Salad will have Beef & Veggie Chili (hot), Lentil & Beef Moroccan Shepards Pie, Lentil and Beef Stuffed Cabbage. Frozen soup: Turkey Wild Rice, Chicken Flu Buster, Vegan Butternut Squash w/ Organic Coconut Milk & Chicken Corn Chowder for sale. Also, sourdough rye bread, cookies, fruit rugelach, brewed organic coffee & strawberry & ginger kombucha!

Farmer Scott from Morganics Family Farm will be selling his delicious wheatberries, oat groats, oatmeal, whole wheat flour, einkorn berries, einkorn flour and Small World coffee beans! His may be the only source of these high fiber, family and locally-grown farm products in all of Burlington County! 

Warm up with a cup of brewed coffee around our campfire and stroll the farm grounds. You may even see a bald eagle.

Saturday, April 27, 2021 at 11 AM EST – 2 PM EST

Join us for our first Spring Market of the Season!  Singer/guitarist Rob McMahon will be playing LIVE from 11am-2pm!


(See above event for vendor and item information.)

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