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THE LOCAL HARVEST   The Newsletter of Honey Brook Organic Farm CSA, May, 2019 


Opening Day is different every year depending on weather conditions.  This year, April temperatures were warmer and conditions were slightly wetter than normal, and so farm May has been warmer and wetter than normal as well. We did have a dry window for planting and transplanting crops, so we are lucky to be harvesting lettuce and lettuce mix already and expect to have boc choi, arugula and strawberries by mid-May. 

Opening Day schedules are as follows, but please know that we still have to determine when Boxed Share deliveries will start.  When we do open, please give yourself extra time to pick up on your first pick-up day. If you are picking up at one of our two farms, you may need to orient yourself and give yourself some time to ask questions of the attendant.  Boxed Share members, please know that Boxed Share deliveries start sometime after the farms open for PYO strawberries. 


If your assigned pick-up day is Saturday, your first day to come to the farm was Saturday, May 11th.  Please follow the schedule for the rest of the days of the week:

Sunday Pick-Up            May 12

Tuesday Pick-Up           May 14

Wednesday Pick-Up      May 15

Thursday Pick-Up          May 16

Friday Pick-Up               May 17

We expect to have mostly leafy greens in the Distribution Center for the first week, and do not expect to have PYO strawberries quite yet.


If your assigned pick-up day is Saturday, your first day to come to the farm was Saturday, May 11th.  Please follow the schedule for the rest of the days of the week:

Tuesday Pick-Up             May14th

Thursday Pick-Up            May 16th

Shares Still Available for the 2019 Season! – Sherry Dudas

Applications for all pick-up locations are still being accepted! Please join online today if you haven’t already, by clicking HERE.  Since we are in the midst of Opening Week at our farms, it would help us if you could join ASAP so we can get you in our database in time for PYO spring crops!  Please keep in mind that usually the ripening of the strawberries determine when Opening Day will be.  Please also keep in mind that all memberships include PYO crops, so Boxed Share members may harvest PYO strawberries even if the Boxed Share deliveries have not yet begun. 

May Events at the Pennington Farm – Sherry Dudas

Our last European-Style Farmers’ Marketis being held at the Distribution Center of our Pennington farm on Saturday, May 18th, from 11am-3pm.  All of the participating farms and food establishments are family-owned and operated, so buy directly from the producers who are intimately familiar with the food destined to nurture you and your loved ones!  The following is a list of participants:  

Sisters Nneka and Dionne, prepare a taste of fresh and healthy African-inspired prepared cuisine!

Dogwood Farms of Hillsborough, NJ will be offering their certified organic chicken eggs and whole fresh chickens, as well as beef, lamb, salsas, their full line of pestos, tomato sauces, hot sauces, Bloody Mary mix, raviolis and fresh pastas. They will have Morganics oats and flour for sale! 

Sandi of Garden State Salad in Flemington, NJ (and Farmer Sherry Dudas's sister) sells freshly prepared hot and cold soups, fresh baked bread, kombucha and hot organic coffee. 

Honey Brook Organic Farm is selling CSA shares for 2019 at the market, and members may pay by using credit card, check or cash. 

Joanna of Purely Farm's Naturally Pasture-Raised Meats features their own pasture-raised meat offerings including sausage such as their signature Killer Kielbasi & Purple Rain, which is a unique blend of grated organic beets, imported French feta and of course, Purely Pork. Savor the flavor of this very special sausage and showcase it's exceptional presentation!  FRESH cuts of pork are sometimes available. These include pork tenderloins, chops & shoulder roasts.  

Sugar Maple Jerseys Heidi Kovacs is the farmer/owner of this dairy farm, comprised of a small registered Jersey herd located in Stockton, New Jersey. Heidi milks 35 to 40 Jerseys twice a day, every day and has small batches of cheese made by hand from her Jersey milk. She provides customers with high quality dairy products at an affordable price while having excellent animal care, by managing a pasture-based, primarily grass-fed herd. Her milk is always antibiotic and hormone free and the products she sells include raw milk cheddar, flavored cheddars, aged Gouda, hand-made butter, mozzarella, feta and cheddar cheese curds.  On Saaturday, Heidi will feature JUMBO all beef, nitrate-free hot dogs, freshly processed veal burger patties & nitrate-free pork roll.

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