The Local Harvest

THE LOCAL HARVEST   The Weekly Newsletter of Honey Brook Organic Farm CSA, May 21st, 2017


While April’s weather was relatively seasonable, to date May has been quite uneven, to say the least!  We’ve received over an inch more of rain than is typical for May but more importantly, during the time period from May 4th through May 19th, our temperatures have deviated greatly from normal, ranging from 11 degrees colder than normal on the 13th, to a high of 20 degrees hotter than normal on the 18th!  In one of the Pennington strawberry fields, we even had a hard frost in early May. This wild ride has had the effect of curtailing the growth of some of our spring crops, and some of the strawberry plants in Pennington may have suffered from frost injury, as some of the forming fruits are misshapen, an indicator of frost damage.  Disappointingly, the weather for the week of May 21st will not be conducive to plant growth, as lots of rain is expected.

We’ve been open in Chesterfield for PYO strawberries and a small amount of boc choi, arugula and herbs, but the opening in Pennington has been set back due to the weather irregularities.  The Boxed Share deliveries typically begin in late May/early June. As of today, David, our field manager, has not made a determination as to when we may open the Distribution Center in Pennington, or begin the Boxed Share deliveries.

MEMBERSHIPS STILL AVAILABLE FOR OUR MANY LOCATIONS! – by Sherry Dudas Applications for all pick-up locations are still being accepted.  Please join today if you haven’t already (the Join Us page is HERE).  If you haven’t checked out our Boxed Share page in a while, you may want to do that now, as we’ve added two new pick-up locations for this season!


Our first yoga class of the new season will be a Full Moon yoga class, held at our Chesterfield farm on Friday, June 9th at 7pm.  Join the Honey Brook Organic Farm community for a Gentle Yoga asana practice with meditation, led by Gina Gilligo, followed by organic tea from the farm.  By donation. BYOM (bring your own mat). Pre-registration required and the session is held outdoors, so please be prepared for whatever the weather may be that evening! Please e-mail to register, directions to the farm can be found here.

WILDLIFE WATCH – by Sherry Dudas

Last week, office staff in Pennington have been serenaded by tree frogs, which seem to be hiding in the bushes in front of the farmhouse!  If you hear something that sounds like a richly baritoned croak in the background while you’re on a phone call with office staff, just know that it’s not Farmer Jim! In Chesterfield, our nesting kestrels, which I am able to watch closely from my bedroom window, are engaged in a battle royale with the neighboring starlings.  It seems the starlings are trying to move in on the kestrels’ nesting tree, instead of sticking to the two aging silver maples they’ve already appropriated.  Many more killdeer are nesting at the farm this spring than last and bobolinks, grass-nesting songbirds, visited the farm in late April, but have not stuck around to breed.  I think the more aggressive red-winged blackbirds may have run them off the farm. Our chimney swifts are cozily inhabiting our chimney, their favorite place to breed on the farm, and our nesting barn swallows are quite prolific this spring, and busily keeping the mosquito population in check.  We were hoping to attract bats to our bat boxes installed last year in order to perform the same task, but haven’t seen one yet this season.  Let’s hope the kestrels and barn swallows can pull double duty, then, this spring!  

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