On-farm Pick-up at Pennington

Pennington Farm Pick-Up

Our Early Bird applications for 2020 are in the Distribution Center now and downloadable by clicking HERE! Join by January 31, 2020 and your membership fee will be the same as in 2018, as we did not raise fees for 2019! Please support us as we celebrate the 30th anniversary of our Community Supported Agriculture Program!

The 2020 Pennington Membership Early Bird online application is available here which can be used for credit card payments.  The 3% PayPal convenience fee will be assessed at checkout.

We offer five share sizes for farm pick-up at our Pennington farm: the Family Share, the Individual Share, the Premium Share, the Basic Share and the Personal Share. A Family Share generally feeds an average family of four to six, while an Individual Share is perfect for two - three adults (and often one or two small children). A Personal Share is a "sample" share and designed for one adult (more details below). Please keep in mind, however, that the right-sized share for you depends not just on the number of people in your household but also on your eating habits. If you are a vegetarian or like to do lots of canning and freezing, you may prefer a larger share, or you may want to consider purchasing two shares for one family. Keep in mind that if, during the course of the season, you feel you are getting too much or too little produce, you may contact us to upgrade the size of your share any time during the season, but to downgrade you have until August 1st. We will pro-rate your increased membership fee or refund accordingly. Pick-your-own privileges are INCLUDED with each share, so no extra fee to pick-your-own!

"Choice" Premium, Basic and Personal Shares   

We offer a Personal share with the feature of allowing the shareholder to choose the items and quantities going into their share each week.  The .28 bushel Personal share box is the pink box below.  The Basic Share is a ½ bushel box (yellow box) and Premium Share is a 3/4 bushel box (green box) and also allow shareholders to choose the items and quantities going into their share each week.

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How it Works

We will provide you with the empty box for you to use each week, and set you loose in the farm market to fill this box as you choose! You will bring the box back the following week to use again.

What’s the Catch?

The box will be specifically sized for the Premium, Basic or Personal Share.  The size of the box is setting the size of the share.  Hence, the lid of the box must be completely closable when you are done selecting your produce.  In other words, no piling a mile high above the rim of the box, and no removing of the upper flaps of the box.  Additionally, crops cannot be altered to fit in the box.  For example, if the beets have tops, then you must include the tops in the box. Sweet corn (if available) cannot be husked, leeks topped, broccoli reduced to florets, or other means employed to maximize the contents of the box.  The size of the box is the standard that we have used to price the share. 

How about PYO?

PYO does not have to fit in the box.  It is in addition to the box and the quantities will sized according to the size of the share box. So Personal share members will harvest a lower quantity of PYO crops than the Premium share members, for example.

Other Restrictions Apply

The Personal Share membership cannot be split at the farm; in other words, we will issue only one membership card. One person  = One box.  You can, of course, take it home or to the office and split it there.  This is to emphasize that the Personal box is sized for one person.

The Premium and Basic "Choice" Share memberships may be shared, but we will only provide ONE box per share.  In other words, if you choose to share a Basic box with another person, we will not provide two quarter bushel boxes, so you and your partner will need to share the one box.  As share partners, you will also not be able to come on two separate days, or two separate times on the same day, and fill up half the box, so you must be careful and deliberate about how you choose to share the "Choice" shares.

We are Veggie Libertarians at the farm and as such we firmly believe that what you choose to do with your produce in the privacy of your home is your own business.   When quantities are limited on a crop, such as, say, early harvested carrots, we may need to limit quantities available for the "Choice" share memberships.  We will try to keep this to a minimum.

During our distribution season, farm staff harvests crops and places them in bins in our distribution center. Instructions on what to do when you get to the farm can be found in our Handbook.

For members’ convenience, our monthly online newsletter The Local Harvest is also available in the distribution center. In addition, we offer events throughout the season, which will be announced in the monthly newsletter.

ON-farm PIck-up at PenningtonSharing a Share

Please note, if you choose to share a Family Share between two families, it is not the same as having two Individual shares. For example, there are times when Family share members are only entitled to one pumpkin or one watermelon. Family share members and their partner(s) will need to share that one item. Farm staff does not recommend Family shares be shared, but rather strongly encourage the purchase of Individual shares in order to avoid confusion and to free families from the hassle of coordination of pick-ups, etc.

If you and your partners need to pick-up at the farm at separate times on your designated pick-up day, be sure to coordinate amongst yourselves to avoid taking the incorrect amount (again, this option is not available for those sharing the Premium and Basic "Choice" shares). We can recommend several convenient methods of coordinating with your share partners such as leaving a note on the message board, packing and leaving a bag for your share partner, or alternating the weeks of pick-up (i.e., you come the first and third weeks of the month, your share partner picks up the second and fourth weeks). Members and their share partners need to pick-up on the same pick up day.

Pick Your Own & "Add ON" Crops

Most weeks a number of crops for Pick Your Own harvesting is offered at the Pennington farm. This benefit is included in your membership fee. Members often tell us that PYO harvesting at our farm is the highlight of their week and an important component in their stress management program! Many of our members tell us that the CSA membership is still a good value even if they don’t partake in PYO harvesting.

Our Veggie Hotline and the This Week’s Distribution and PYO lists page of our website lets you know what’s available from week to week and is updated three times per week.

On occasion, we may also offer "add on" crops for sale in our Distribution Center.  These are crops, like sweet corn and tree fruit, that are too costly to include in our regular distribution program.  We offer these crops to members who are willing to pay the extra cost associated with producing these crops, which are difficult to grow organically.

Where We Farm In Pennington/Hopewell

For the 2020 season, Honey Brook Organic Farm will farm on two farms in Pennington/Hopewell. Some of the land is part of the nearly 1,000-acre Watershed Reserve and has been farmed organically for over 35 years. The Distribution Center for our Community Supported Agriculture program is located at 260 Wargo Road in Pennington. Fourteen miles of trails lace the reserve and are open to the public year round, dawn to dusk. Please know that your membership fees help support the programming of The Watershed Institute.

In addition to this acreage, land is also rented from private owners of a permanently preserved farm on Pennington-Rocky Hill Road. For the 2020 season, our PYO strawberries and snow and snap peas will be located at this farm.


In 2020, the following farmers/vendors will be selling their products at the farm's Distribution Center:

Dogwood Farms, of Hillsborough, NJ will be offering their certified organic chicken eggs and whole chickens, as well as beef, lamb, salsas, their full line of pestos, tomato sauces, hot sauces, Bloody Mary mix, raviolis and fresh pastas for sale on Thursdays and Saturdays at our Distribution Center. 

Purely Farm's Naturally Pasture-Raised Meats in Ottsville, PA will be selling their pasture-raised pork & turkey and handcrafted sausage (many varieties), frozen meatloaf, turkey bone broth and a ready to eat pork braise, among other items, once a week on Fridays from 9am-1pm at our Distribution Center

Membership Confirmation and Members’ Handbooks

Confirmation of your membership, pick-up day and share size will be emailed to you by the beginning of May.

Your Members’ Handbook is available here and also in the Distribution Center. It is really important for members to read their Handbook. The Handbook is a member’s “owners manual” and answers common questions about the farm, i.e., how to store produce, what to do when you get to the farm and where you can find convenient and tasty recipes, etc. Please keep in mind that if you have additional questions, you can always call the Veggie Hotline or talk to an attendant when you are at the farm.

First Pick-Up & Membership Cards

The start date of the distribution season varies from year to year depending on the weather. For the exact date of the first pick-up and the start of strawberry picking, please visit our website, check our Facebook page or call the Veggie Hotline starting May 10th. The first pick-up is sometime after May 10th. Please be sure to come to the farm only on your assigned pick-up day unless you have made prior arrangements. We harvest just enough for the number of members expected per day.

Each time a member comes to the farm they must wear their personal Membership Card. The cards will be available for pick-up in the distribution center during your first pick-up. For our complete policy regarding Membership Cards including replacement fees, please visit our Policies page.

This Week’s Harvest
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Our harvest calendar indicates produce availability throughout the growing season.

The Local Harvest
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