On-farm Pick-up at Chesterfield

Check out this video created by staff of Burlington County, and featuring Farmers Sherry and Jim talking about their Chesterfield farm, the first preserved in the state's Farmland Preservation Program! Check out this video featuring Honey Brook Organic Farm produced by Shivani Patel.

Applications for our 2021 Fall-Only CSA season are HERE.

Please call 609-737-8899 in order to contact farm staff. If you're interested in learning more about the history of this farm, please click HERE.

We offer pick-up at the Chesterfield Distribution Center on Crosswicks-Ellisdale Road on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, and we are the only certified organic CSA program in northern Burlington County. This farm has been certified organic since 2011. Please know that pick-your-own privileges are INCLUDED with each share, so no extra fee to pick-your-own.

Members of the Chesterfield CSA program can get complete information regarding what to do when you come for your pick-up by downloading the Chesterfield Members' Handbook.

In addition, we offer several events throughout the season, including indoor and outdoor yoga sessions!


We offer three share sizes for farm pick-up at our Chesterfield farm: the small (sized for 1 vegan/vegetarian adult, small (sized for 1 adult, or a couple that goes light on produce), medium (sized for 2-3 adults) and large (sized for approximately 2 adults & 2-3 children).

Please keep in mind, however, that the right-sized share for you depends not just on the number of people in your household but also on your eating habits. If you are a vegetarian or like to do lots of canning and freezing, you may prefer a larger share, or you may want to consider purchasing two shares for one family. 

We are using a software program called Farmigo to manage shares in 2021. Members will be alerted before their pickup day as to what they can expect in their share. Depending on the size of share you choose, your pre-determined share will have $38 (large), $28 (medium) and $19 (small) worth of produce. Members will then be able to go into their Farmigo account to add/discard produce from the share as determined by our field manager (let's call that the "farmer's choice). The credits that are purchased ($1,000, $750 & $500) allow for members to exceed their base share's value, if desired. So, for example, you may choose a Large share and each week your base share will be worth about $38. You can then go into your account and add more produce to your share, making it, say, $50. Your credits will be decreased by $50 for that week. You can also reduce your base share on a week that you would like less produce and end up paying less than the $38 base. Each item on the weekly menu will have an associated price, which members will use as a guide to complete their order. So, for example, a bunch of kale may be priced at $2.00/bunch, a pound of yellow onions may be priced at $1./pound, and so forth.  When creating an order, a member can use their weekly credit they already pre-purchased to fill their order up to that amount (as in the case of our example, $38 for a large share) or they canorder over or under that amount. Pricing for individual items may change with the seaso, such as when we have an overabundance of a crop and want to lower the price to increase demand for it.

Upon arrival at the farm, members will receive your order ticket (AKA "pick list") based on how you changed (or didn't change) your share online. Then, you will select the produce in the market using your ticket. It won't be pre-packed in a box for pickup, you will pick your produce and place it in shopping bags (that you will hopefully bring with you).  If you never go online to alter or amend your share's contents, you will receive the farmer's choice share, which is essentially the share we've offered for the past 30 years.

Keep in mind that if, during the course of the season, you feel you are getting too much or too little produce, you may contact us to upgrade the size of your share any time during the season, but to downgrade you have until August 1st. We will pro-rate your increased membership fee or refund accordingly.  

When quantities are limited on a crop, such as, say, early harvested carrots, we may need to limit quantities.  We will try to keep this to a minimum. During our distribution season, farm staff harvests crops and places them in bins in our distribution center. Instructions on what to do when you get to the farm will be found in our Handbook. 

Sharing a Share

Full information about sharing a share can be found in our Chesterfield Members' Handbook.

Pick Your Own & "Add On" Crops

Most weeks a number of crops for Pick Your Own harvesting is offered at the farm. This benefit is included in your membership fee. Members often tell us that PYO harvesting at our farm is the highlight of their week and an important component in their stress management program! Many of our members often say that the CSA membership is still a good value even if they don’t partake in PYO harvesting. A visit to the This Week in Chesterfield page lets you know what produce may be available in the Distribution Center as well as the availability of PYO crops. PYO crops tend to come in earlier and go later in the season than at our Pennington farm, due to the sandier soils and slightly warmer temperatures. 

On occasion, we may also offer "add on" crops for sale in our Distribution Center.  These are crops, like sweet corn and tree fruit, that are too costly to include in our regular distribution program.  We offer these crops to members who are willing to pay the extra cost associated with producing these crops, which are difficult to grow organically.

You will be able to customize the produce contents of your share in advance, then select your produce when you come to the farm!  This will allow farm staff to grow more of what you want and reduce food waste. You also will be able to purchase extras from our farm, during times when you may be entertaining or "putting up" for the off-season.

Additionally, you can purchase "add-ons" from other farmers and vendors such as: 

In order to purchase a membership to take advantage of the above offerings, please click HERE.

Membership Confirmation and Members’ Handbooks

Confirmation of your membership, pick-up day and share size will be emailed to you by the mid-May.

Please download and read carefully your Chesterfield Members’ Handbook. It is really important for members to read their Handbook. The Handbook is a member’s “owners manual” and answers common questions about the farm, i.e., how to store produce, what to do when you get to the farm and where you can find convenient and tasty recipes, etc. Please keep in mind that if you have additional questions, you can always call the office or talk to an attendant when you are at the farm.

First Pick-Up - The start date of the FALL-ONLY CSA IS THE WEEK OF LABOR DAY.

Visit our Policies page for more information.

This Week’s Harvest
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Our harvest calendar indicates produce availability throughout the growing season.

The Local Harvest
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