Farm Staff

Jim Kinsel

Jim Kinsel, General Farm Manager

Jim Kinsel had worked on several farms throughout New Jersey before striking out on his own in 1991 as a tenant farmer. He is now the owner of two permanently preserved farms and farms two others as a tenant. Jim has a degree in mathematics, which he does have the opportunity to dust off now and then on the farm. In organic farming, Jim enjoys the challenge of working out solutions to the pressing problem of how we choose to interact with the natural world in our most fundamental relationship - through the food we eat and where it comes from.

David Camacho

David, Our Field Manager

David was raised on his family’s vegetable farm in Zacatecas state, Mexico and has been our field manager since 1993. David is responsible for field production of our crops, such as ensuring that crops are well nourished, sufficiently irrigated and properly harvested and distributed. David and his wife Sylvia are the parents of four children.

Sherry Dudas

Sherry Dudas, Farm Manager

Sherry came to the farm with over 10 years of conservation and farmland preservation experience, and is responsible for managing the farm's marketing and promotion, special event planning, community outreach and related farm business and land use planning activities. Sherry is also editor of our newsletter and website. Jim and Sherry were married in 2005.

Lynne, Our Membership Coordinator

Lynne moved to New Jersey from Madison, WI, where she served as the administrator for a small non-profit organization and was a CSA member. Lynne processes the membership applications and keeps our database up to date. She has two children, two cats, and a dog. In her spare time she likes to knit, quilt, read, and do crossword puzzles. Email her at service(at)honeybrookorganicfarm with any member questions you may have.

Chip the farm dogChip, the Farm Dog

Chip is a mixed border collie/German shepherd who is responsible for rodent and Canada geese control on our farms. He has a sweet disposition (unless you're a ground hog!) and loves to lick everyone he meets. 

Jamie, Junior Farm Dog

Jamie the farm dog

Jamie joined the farm in April of 2013 after being adopted by Jim & Sherry from a no-kill shelter. We believe he is a cattle dog mix, and he loves to chase the Canada geese off our farm fields, a valuable skill as the geese damage our crops. He is as cool as a cucumber on road trips, making him Farmer Jim’s preferred canine companion on the long trips to pick up supplies in Lancaster, PA!

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